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  1. Yosemite Zone vs Sierra Zone

    By using the normal way via Appstore, just click "updates" and download 10.12.6. Btw, after messing around with Niresh installer ( thanks a LOT for his effort ) i desided to try other ways ( out of respect for Niresh and his his awesome job helping us out i wont tell the name of the other installer ) i used a well known installer to install Sierra, and it worked well, and this time with the correct settings for the screen right out of the box, no more laggy desktop and 3mb display. And just now i tried to install High Sierra on my laptop, with the sudo/terminal way, and it was an instant success, just like installing it on my desktop. The High Sierra MacPwn wouldnt work on my laptop.
  2. hd graphics 3000 resolution sierra

    Updating Sierra to 10.12.6 ( from 10.12.5 ) solved the problem for me, and probably will for you as well.
  3. Yosemite Zone vs Sierra Zone

    Thanx for your reply demy076. My problem solved itself by updating from 10.12.5 to 10.12.6. After installing 10.12.6 and restarting my screen was perfect. I still dont know why my screen was ok in Yosemite Zone but not in Sierra Zone though.
  4. It works - Broadcom wifi Not a question, im just confirming that the Broadcom WiFi card 43224 works with Sierra Zone. This card is used by laptops like HP ProBook, EliteBook etc.
  5. hd graphics 3000 resolution sierra

    I have the same problem with my ProBook 6470b with Core I3 cpu. Installing Yosemite Zone works right of the box though, screen is flawless there.
  6. Yosemite Zone vs Sierra Zone Hi. Its a shot in the dark but maybe there is someone who knows the answer to this. Installing Yosemite Zone is no problem at all, everything works except for network and sound. The display/screen is flawless right out of the box. But, when i install Sierra Zone the screen is very "lagish", it lags a lot and the glass effect aint working Whats the difference between Yosemite and Sierra Zone that makes this happen? Laptop: HP ProBook 6470b / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Intel Core I3 / Chipset Mobile Intel HM76 Regards
  7. Change the settings in the bootloader before you click next. If you dont know where those settings are, you`ll find them down in the right corner ( appear right after you chose install destination ).
  8. Had the same problem but i solved it by changing the bootloader in the settings before the installation. Hope this helps, regards. Bill Gates