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  1. AMD Instant reboot.

    I tried with uefi bootloader with this arguments: -v dart=0 kcsuffix=amd Kernel=kernel.amd ncpi=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes And everytime at the PCI configuration begin is freeze.
  2. AMD Instant reboot.

    Yeah i'm tried. :\ But i don't have xhci settings on my motherboard..... Loading and 5-10 second and it's power off and reboot.
  3. AMD Instant reboot. Hi Guys! I have an AMD FX Gaming PC and i want to install macOS Sierra. Motherboard: ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/AURA Processor: AMD FX 9590 Videocard: AMD Fury X Memory: 32GB 4x8 DDR3 I don't have any apple device and i write the Sierra Zone with TransMac. I set the bios to good settings. Then i boot my Sierra Zone Pedrive and use this argument: Kernel=kernel.amd . At the next step booting and instant reboot. Pls i need help.