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    YOSEMITE BOOT PROBLEM hello my pc build is : Motherboard ASUS H110M-d processor: intel pentium 5 2 cores g4560 lga1151 videocard GEFROCE GTX 1050 HARDDRIVE :2 X1TERA RAM2X8GB DDRR4 2133MHZ KINGSTON POWER SUPPLY EVGA 430W 80 PLUS SO when i go to my BIOS and boot the pendrive with the OS everithing goes well till i bootit, iget two options, 1 : i get a screen with a hackintosh logo and below 3 logos, a windos logo to boot from EFI, the yosimete boot ,and a recovery windos boot..... if i press the yosemite one it will boot a black screen with a white apple logo (as if it wa a iphone starting). 2: and the second option i get if i boot the toher part of the usb .... i get the black screen where it gives three options :hd(0,2) (installer)yosemite zone. hd(1,2)etc etc etc adn another one justt like that... SO thats where i want to be but my key board wont let me ation , its like blocked so i cant neither eter graphic cards fglags, any flag , any comand , neither even pick the yosemite option to start the instalation. PLZ HELP ME ITS URGENT... CONTACT : facebool-Mateo Sanchez - hotmail: phone number :+5493153918255