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  1. Press f2 to enter into bios... And change settings.... For boot into uefi ... Change boot mode : csm to uefi For installing mac os x : change sata : ide to ahci But unfortunately after changing to uefi bootable USB never showed clover bootloader which is already pre-installed in this distro... So in my case 1st i've to install windows in uefi mode... Then install clover manually (google it) but be sure that the size of the efi partition must be 200 mb or more ... Then boot into mac os through bootable USB ... Hope it helps you...
  2. same problem here... stuck at waiting for root device ... though i've tried everything but no luck... booted from all the usb ports lead to the same error.. booted from both the legacy and clover lead to the same error... tried bootflags : -v -x -F -f -s USBBusFix=Yes lead to the same error... only once i'd booted it bypassing the error and go to the apple logo but a cross sign appeared on the screen - installation stopped. But i had successfully installed yosemite zone... never had an error or problem at yosemite installation... so what is the problem in Sierra zone ??? please fix this error, please... @Niresh Toshiba satellite pro laptop config : processor : i3-3110 M cpu @ 2.40 ghz Ram : 4 gb Graphics : Intel HD 4000 Bios : Insyde H2O Ethernet : QC AR8161 pci-e wireless : Qc AR9565
  3. root device---

    not working... tried them... @ekh
  4. Boot00S : Error problem Hello guys, As the title says, i've a toshiba satelite pro laptop with windows 10 installed. I'd downloaded the Niresh hackintosh yosemite zone dmg file and boot it into an usb drive by using TranMac . Everything going smooth , but i can't boot into newly installed mac os without the bootable mac usb drive... ad later i've found that no EFI drive has been created.. so i've searched it in google, youtube, but didn't find the solution. i've done everything , i.e. reinstalling the mac os, install clover configurator and possibly everything to boot into mac os with the usb but no luck.... later i've found that i've not changed my boot mode to UEFI.. so i've chaged that... and after that it shows 'media fail : no boot device found' so again i've changed the boot mode to cms booty and now i can boot the usb without any problem... so my question is 'how can i boot the mac os bootabled usb in UEFI boot mode ?' and if UEFI boot mode is not the problem and it's fine to continue in cms boot mode,(p.s. - my bios is insydeh20) then 'how can i create an efi partition in order to install clover and boot into mac os yosemite with the usb ???' please help...