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  1. Hackintosh Mavericks

    really good job it was my first time ever using mac os x and you gave me it out of the box without the hassle known about hackintosh. thanks guys.
  2. resolution problem

    @Devonic i tried it but didn't work because the problem was in the convertor :@ :@ :@ so i change it and everything work fine now without any modification. thanks a lot and sorry for the hassle because of my hardware issue . and great job in niresh again .
  3. resolution problem

    @Devonic QE/CI: yes ripple effects/zoom in, etc. about boot flag tried but nothing happened. i even get available resolutions up to 2304x1728, this is the maximum res of my vga card for VGA monitors. but can't find my monitor resolution 1366x768. i start to think the problem is in my VGA/DVI convertor but according to this i am connecting it to the dvi-i socket,and it works fine in windows/linux(currently ubuntu). my monitor samsung sync master 1930N.
  4. resolution problem

    @Devoinc Thanks for your answer about GraphicsEnabler i cannot boot without setting it to no. about driver
  5. resolution problem

    first thanks for your great work. it was my first time to install hackintosh ever and it worked fine really good jobs but, i have a problem with the screen resolution: my vga card gigabyte gtx 660 (non ti) and it read fine in the system information, but i can't set my monitor resolution 1366x768 tried: 1-boot option "Graphics Mode" = "1366x768x32" and 2-put it in org.chameleon.Boot with : <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1366x768x32</string> 3- in theme: <key>screen_width</key> <string>1366</string> <key>screen_height</key> <string>768</string> checked my VESA: doesn't have 1366x768.