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  1. Hd4400

    Have anyone a fix for this porblem please ! I need it soo much ! My HD4400 shows 7MB after a DSDT patch and i won't to reinstall it because i have to finish a website! I have a laptop LENOVO 20384 with 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ... intel hd graphics 4400 and amd radeon m230 .... i7 4510u haswell i need in this night a fix pleaseee help me guys ! I need to finish the website and without graphics memory Photoshop and Corel do nothing and a website without photos it's nothing right? :(((( HELP PLEASE with a valid kext and please i don't want corrupted kexts because after i need to reinstall and my files goes to hell because i have single partion on my WD Green SSd 240gb