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  1. Hi ! I'm glad to see the Dell OptiPlex 7010, because I have another one. By the way, it's running fine with latest hackintosh Sierra by Niresh, then updated to latest version with Apple official package. You don't need to be a 'programmer' to look for the info for your pc (did you mean 'developer' ?, maybe you are from Spain ?). In fact this has nothing to do with the developing world. Why don't you try the Sierra distribution ? it's updated and works with my 7010. So this way we could talk about issues... Let me know ! I hope it helps. Best regards, Observing
  2. Freeze on start with NVidia Web Driver

    Hello, Thank you for your detailed answer. Unfortunately I still have gt 705, and the web drivers do not work for this gpu. So I think I'd have to follow the way you managed to make it with el capitan with gt 705. I know this is not the best way to do, but as long as I don't have a new gpu I have to proceed like that. So, how can I get the kext file from maverick (please give me detailed instructions, I'm a noob) ? You managed to make it work with El Capitan. How ? with clover ? how to put it with clover once I get the file ? Would it work with El Capitan ? Thanks again
  3. Freeze on start with NVidia Web Driver

    Oh my god !!! Really ?! I'm becoming crazy trying to achieve that: I have also a gt 705 that worked ok in Yosemite, but once I managed to upgrade to El Capitan v10.11.4, I cannot make the nvidia work properly (only ugly vesa mode). Believe me, I have wasted lots of hours. I have tried to apply your steps, but the 1st problem is that I cannot install drivers from mavericks (I tried to download them from the web, but osx tells me that it cannot install the package on this version (el capitan)). I've tried to edit the package as explained here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/solving-nvidia-driver-install-loading-problems.161256/ with "flat package editor", but when try to relaunch the pkg file "nvidia WebDriver for mavericks-334.01.03f08.pkg", a javascript error throws. Please, you will be very very kind if you can explain me the detailed steps to make gt 705 work on el capitan final doubts: - when you say "drivers from mavericks" you mean drivers from nvidia web for mavericks version of osx ? - when you say "web driver", are you talking about telling from osx (not from clover) to use the web driver instead of the default one after the mavericks package is installed ? - Is there any chance to extract the yosemite driver that is working correctly (I used the yosemite version downloadable from https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/810-hackintosh-yosemite/) , and install it in some way (maybe kextbeast?!) from El Capitan, or from Sierra ? All the web drivers I've tested before from nvidia for El Capitan 10.11.4 failed (black screen / clock spinning alternating with mouse pointer... )... what to do ? I knew that installing hackintosh could be hard, but really, this is driving me maaaaaad ! I want Sierra in fact, because I want to learn the latest version of swift language, but with that nvidia bullshit graphics card... oh my gooood. I know I can buy a new card, but not now... Thanks in advance. I keep anxiously waiting for your answers !!!