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  1. kernel panic when installing

    i installed clover on usb with help of dads macbook i booted from clover in legacy mode, it booted to clover but it looks like it copyied config and theme from sierra install usb. it booted fine without any boot flags edited, but again kernel panicked same like before..
  2. kernel panic when installing

    and now i wanted to format it and got Cannot to open device if trying to format it to Mac OS Extended Journaled with flags above if i want to format it to exFat it works edit: now it formatted to HFS and it KP'ed again
  3. kernel panic when installing

    now i tried to boot with boot flags -no-zp GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes -v and got other kernel panic.
  4. kernel panic when installing Computer: Mobo: Asus P7H55 CPU: i5-660 Ram:8GB(taken from my computer that i use more) GPU: EVGA nVidia 550 Ti PSU:normal for Pentium4 computers.. i had on that pc 10.8.5 working without any problems even sleep was working 10.9 was working perfectly too. i dont have cd dvd rom in it and i cannot try Yosemite when i want to boot Sierra i get to Enoch bootloader i need to use USBBusFix=Yes to get to setup in setup only english is there(no problem for me) getting to selecting drive, i selected drive hit Install, it was working until it kernel panicked.. here is the kernel panic.. sorry for the quality i am using Capture Card to capture screen as i cannot have long enought cable to connect it to my second monitor...