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  1. Is there a Niresh Sierra 10.12.4 (or higher) out there? USB trouble after updatwe, cause of GTX1080Ti Hello! Yesterday I got a GTX1080Ti and of course I want to use it with Niresh Sierra on a HP Z800. I thought cool, cause the Z800 is that close to a Macpro 5.1 that it is possible just to use Chameleon instead of clover. Well that worked perfect, so far - but there is the fight with the Nividia webdriver, cause for Pascal it needs - at least 10.12.4 or higher. The pretty cool "Niresh Sierra / macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Installer by Hackintosh Zone" is based on version 10.12.3. So i thought, no trouble give it an update - moveing to 10.12.6 via MAC update. hmmm and now it happend.... the whole USB-Thing is dying at booting, so no chance to log in - cause no mouse or keyboard is working .... grml... i had a search and found a blog, where is written that i should delete the AppleHPET.kext ..... but how without any access? Not so good... so i had a look for a different Version... but with that i had to use clover.... You get the image? Do you have please an advise for me? Cheers!