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  1. GPT issue sierra zone

    Yes of course
  2. GPT issue sierra zone

    I have faced that problem to however does not help with my current situation. ... I deleted other partitions and created Jhfs+ on the MBR no problems at all Still remains. Can NOT install on MBR natively as suggested ..... I have no reason to make this up Any suggestions to get this working would be good.
  3. hi followed all instructions .... searched the internet .... downloaded multiple versions of sierra zone.... 3 days later still no Sierra on MBR isnt this meant to be MBR capable on install .. what gives. I have followed instructions to a point i have had another like minded individual do the same yet I keep getting the following on continuation of install A GUID Partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme is required Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.... frustrated as helll this is the official image from the torrent supplied by this site... cheers PS: MBR with a format type to suit macos