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  1. Need help regarding Installation

    not a heap of expreience with amd unfortunatley but from what I have seen and read it can be done. might be a good idea to just check your bios settings and try with some other boot flags. It seems to me like it might be bios or hardware related try these: https://www.hackintosh.computer/281/hackintosh-bios-configurations/ https://www.hackintosh.computer/868/hackintosh-sierra-zone-aka-niresh-sierra-guide/#setupbiosforhackintoshsierra Dill.
  2. Need help regarding Installation

    no real answer to provide just yet i think we need some more info on your setup what the detailed specs of your laptop? Dill.
  3. Hey guys, So have been out of the hackintosh game for a while now (was using a hackintosh back when OSX 10.5 came out) and have just recently got back on the band wagon. I have installed and am up and running with Niresh Sierra. Every thing seems good and stable, as of today my machine has been running for about a week and a half with no issues. The only problem i had in the beginning was video with a Nvidia GT710 but after installing the NVIDIA web driver i have dual screens and nice smooth operating system. My question is i been wondering about updates. I used to be able to update through system update sometimes it would work sometimes it would cause issues. Whats the procedure here now? I have requests to update poping up now and have tried to update and have had to reinstall from scratch. Can we use the apple update or is there another method of performing updates. I also notice that niresh asked after install if it wanted me to fix app store (saying that this could not be undone) what is with that? Is that just a fix that allows us on the app store or something else.? Cheers and thanks for the help and the great skillz. Dill. By the way: Installed OS: MacOS Sierra Zone Motherboard: Asrock X85 xtreme CPU: i7 920 Nvidia GT710