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  1. How to Find kexts (Driver) for your Hardware

    Hi, I'm oppening the program in Windows but I can't see any hardware compatibility (
  2. 20 minutes problem in installation

    Ok, i will try this. Install mountain lion on my external HDD and then upgrade to mavericks
  3. 20 minutes problem in installation

    I tried to install on a 16gb pendrive but i can't. It's giving me the same problem
  4. 20 minutes problem in installation

    But of i install it on a pendrive, can i move the data to my HDD via ubuntu live cd (for example)?
  5. 20 minutes problem in installation

    Another thing. My external HDD sounds like it shutdown while Mac OS X is "installing"
  6. 20 minutes problem in installation

    Yes but what about the problem? I can't pass the "20 minutes remain" to finish the installation. How can i fix it or pass it?
  7. 20 minutes problem in installation

    Becouse i want to try it and don't loose windows.
  8. Hi, i tried to install niresh's mavericks on an external HDD but i can not pass the 20 minutes problem. I'm usign the USB installation methodMy specs are AMD e-300 64bits6gb RAMExternal HDD of 500 gbMy graphic card is the integrated in the processor (APU)This are the specs of a HP pavilion dm1 4170la

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