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  1. Thanks in advance for having the time to read this. Let's see... I'm attending some classes regarding Swift 3 and 4 on my college, and I want to be able to practice at home, so I tried to install macOS Sierra Zone with no success. Here are the Specs of my PC: AMD-FX8320 (8 Cores) 8GB RAM (DUAL CHANNEL KINGSTON) MOBO - ASUSTEK M5A78L-M LX/BR NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX760 For more specifics, check images attached. What has happened so far: Tried to install it and after endless times with many bootflags, could begin the installation process to the end, with the following message: macOS could not be installed on your computer Undefined error: 0 (I've read that this is fairly common and means the installation went smooth). After this, when I try to boot on my hard drive, clover seems fine but when I try to enter macOS partition, all that appears is a lot of "+" signs and an automatic reboot. No verbose strings to analyze whatsoever. My BIOS is legacy and I don't have those many options as in UEFI, but I followed what I could in the installation steps described here. Here are some boot flags that I've tried so far, with MANY combinations: kcsuffix=amd, PCIRootUID=0 nv_disable=1 -x -s -f -v -no-zp PCI=off dart=0 npci=0x3000 The combination that works to boot from the Pendrive is: "-x -s -f -v PCIRootUID=0 USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 npci=0x3000 -no-zp" but that doesn't seem to work on the after-install boot. One time I got to see the Apple logo, but i honestly don't remember what I've tried on clover configuration and boot flags, but it was only for a second, and then the reboot came hahaha. I've used the macOS Distro on this link (, but I had to change the kernel, because with the one from the distro, I've never got past the Darwin screen. The Kernel that I've used is this one: Sorry for the long post, but I felt the need to elaborate my case, so I can ask for help effectively. Tried to upload images but forum is marking as spam...