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  1. Hello, I have (somewhat) successfully installed sierra on my PC however it will only boot when in safe mode and I believe to be a GPU problem. I used to run yosemite however I recently installed a new mobo so though I may as well upgrade to OSX at the same time. I am fairly new to hackintoshing and somehow ran into no problems with yosemite. The last line before freezing is 'Sound assertion in AppleHDADriver at line 1664' however further up there is 'Whatevergreen: rad @ failed to find __ZN28AMDRadeonX4000_AMDVHardware25getFrameBufferBaseAddressEV' and another similar error except 'failed to route __ZN37AMDRadeonx4000_AMDGraphicsAccelerator19populateAccelConfigEP13IOAccelConfig' I am also using clover with this config.plist; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XVw55pWkq8GSGTPOtYv2lLP0-Zu-MdJ8/view?usp=sharing PC Specs; Asrock h77m-itx, xeon e3 1230v2, 2x4gb ram, MSI r9 380 gaming 4gb Thanks.