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  1. Hi guys, I have got this Broadcom chip to replace my 7260ac because Apple doesn't support Intel wifi cards (bluetooth works). This card has different connectors so I bought the IPEX 4 to IPEX 1 adapter cables off eBay just for this card. However, it doesn't seem to fit the connectors. Do I have to use some additional force to get it fit? Anyone tried to have them fit? Thanks
  2. 2 problems with high Sierra

    The first issue is due to the bootloader not installed during the installation. You have to download Clover and install it on the boot drive. Make sure that the EFI partition on the HDD/SSD is formatted to FAT32 and not FAT16!! It happened to me and I had to format the EFI partition again and then copy the content of the EFI partition from the USB drive on it. The second issue is due to missing kext for your audio. I'm yet to figure out sound on my HP Probook. This can be sorted by Clover Configurator. This app will let you to configure boot options and drivers. edit: Just installed WoodooHDA kext and sounds is up..
  3. Help I do not boot the usb High Sierra

    I have had this message when booting previous Sierra. There are posts on the internet to suggest to get a different usb drive (got the message on Corsair Voyager and it worked with Lexar Firefly both at 8GB). Using boot flags might also help. -v -x npci=x2000 UseKernelCache=No worked for me.