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  1. @Niresh Thank you for making hackintosh installation easy and simple. I almost gave up with the other procedures. Glad I stumbled here. First try and it worked right away. You are the greatest. I installed also your high sierra zone and same, first attemp installing and it works right away. Just my nvidia gt730 ddr3 is not working due to lack of driver support.
  2. I think I got it working. I don't know which of the 2 made it work. I configure clover to add; (lilu and nvidiagraphicfixup are still in clover\kext\others) 1. Add in graphics ig-platform-id, used 59120000 (even i'm not using intel hd graphic) 2. System parameters inject kext from "detect" to "yes" No more issues on black screen so far. Will update if something goes wrong again.
  3. @Niresh, thank you for your time. I did try to install update with both kext before updating to 10.12.6. First without it because I was not using it @10.12.3 and then current install with Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext. Same result was achieved. lilu and nvidiagraphicfixup - put them in clover\kext\others folder as suggested should I install it in L\E or S\L\E using kext wizard?
  4. Addtional info nvidia web driver wouldn't work on my gt730 ddr3. It's glitchy and not working correctly.
  5. Built: Asus h110m-a board Intel i5 7400 processor 8 gig ram 256 gig SSD Samsung Evo Nvidia gt730 external graphic card boot arg: dark=0 darkwake=0 slide=0 Installed Nerish sierra zone 10.12.3 without a problem, the display supported natively and working perfectly. Sound working HDMI and built-in. Sleep working. After update to Sierra 10.12.6, the problem in booting occur. Boot too fast but ended up a black screen. Needed enter boot flag nv_disable=1 to boot again, then rebuild cache and permission, restart normally and the system is fine. When restarting or shutdown same problem in booting occurs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.