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  1. Hello everybody ! So after some years without using any hackintosh (last time it was on OS X Snow Leopard). So i manage to install high sierra with the hackintosh zone installer. After the setup only two things aren't working : graphics and ethernet. For the ethernet i have to try some kext to find the right one it's a Realtek 8111GR For the graphics part, it gets harder. I have a nvidia 1080 so i tried to install the nvidia web driver (for high sierra 10.13.0 : 378. ) but it failed (error during the installer and on reboot, black screen problem). I've tried to follow this guide : https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/fix-for-failure-nvidia-web-driver-on-high-sierra-black-screen-panics.234390/ but it fails again. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this work ? Thanks for your answers