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    Hi looking for help as I am now not able to boot into my hackintosh. i have been running mountain lion with a clover boot loader for years and it's been very stable. Much better than windows. i have been having problems recently with browsers and realised I should update operating system because software update etc. got tempted by App Store sierra update and said what the hell I'll try it. It didn't work. now my clover won't boot to desktop and hangs at black screen white cursor the only other computer I have is an xp laptop so I downloaded latest boot disk utility v2.1.022 and latest clover. bootdisk opens in windows but won't cannot connect to Internet to get latest clover or choose local clover download as it is grayed out(unable to select) in bootdiskutility Options configuration menu. when I select check upload at startup I get the following message, Error sending the HTTP request to the server. when I click "latest clover:Check it" nothing happens. any help appreciated Max