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  1. Laptop problem

    Niresh, I have finally managed to make the graphics work. MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Combo update made it work. I tried so many things before this, but none of them did the hack. Finally!!
  2. Laptop problem

    Thanks, I will try it. Niresh, one question, how do I remove chameleon, cause I want to use clover?
  3. Laptop problem

    I installed them with the Chameleon kext wizard.
  4. Laptop problem

    Thanks Niresh. Unfortunately again.
  5. Laptop problem

    Thanks. Installed them, but they did not resolve the problem. It is so much easier to install hackintosh on a pc. Laptops suck.
  6. Laptop problem

    Greetings. My laptop is hp 8470p, i7 quad core. I downloaded Sierra zone, and everything went fine throughout the installation, but I can't manage an intel hd 4000 to work. The resolution is the lowest possible 1024x768, and the intel hd graphics is stuck at 3mb in system overview. Could somebody help me to fix the graphics issue? Thanks