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  1. I succesfully installed Hackintosh High Sierra Zone to my Dell Optiplex 390, to avoid "Still waiting for root device" i installed attached kexts to Extra folder of USB Drive and then installed them to HDD's /L/E No AHCI Fix for Dell Optiplex 390 but Clover cant inject those kexts and because of High Sierra creating another boot option with only updater files (cant find that folder or partition, idk) and so only way is to injects kexts via bootloader, is there any alternative kexts for my Mobo? (Any of arleady uploaded did not worked out)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Use those kexts to avoid "Still waiting for root device" on Dell Optiplex 390 Tested on Hackintosh Hign Sierra Zone Place to Extra of USB Drive and boot installer in Legacy Mode with -f -v Then after installation boot USB Drive again with same boot flags (but choose your HDD, not installer) and install these kexts to /L/E using KextBeast or any other tool that can install kexts to /L/E