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  1. need help for installing sierra zone

    Please help me I am new in this
  2. need help for installing sierra zone

    yes i have usb 3.0 @Niresh -Haier Y11b -CPU: Intel Core 5Y10C 5th generation -RAM(G): 4GB -SSD: Yes -SSD capacity(G): 32GB -HDD capacity(G): 500GB -Scrren size(Inch): 11.6 -Screen resolution: Wide screen HD -Screen type: LCD -Touch control: Yes -Wireless Wlan: 802.11 b/g/n -Audio port: 3.5mm -2.0 USB: x2 -3.0 USB :X1 -3.0 USB: x1 -HDMI: x1 SD card: x1 Battery capacity(Whr): 32
  3. I am trying to install Sierra zone in my laptop my laptop configurations are here is the google drive link to my hackintosh boot options Google drive link the problem is that when i tried to do tbe installation the last photo on the drive link is the last screen i am showing and after that the screen froze