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  1. Recommend kext for Sierra problem

    Even with MacDrive, you can access a macos partition
  2. Recommend kext for Sierra problem

    Hi! I've been trying to implement my first Hackintosh PC in the days, but unfortunately I faced smaller or bigger problems. Finally, after 2 weeks of suffering with a Sierra OSinstall.postscript.pkg error, but managed to install a "semi-finished" system. In the customize menu, I removed everything to get a little problem during the installation (see Audio.pkg, ATI.pkg, dart0.pkg move errors). My question would be what kind of keys should I put in order to work? Or can I make a selection from the installer that I choose from the Niresh's installation guide and then copy it in the appropriate folder? My machine: ASUS X550ZE - AMD FX-7600P APU - 4 GB DDR3 RAM - R5 M230 2 GB and R7 on APU The bootflag used is kcsuffix = amd npci = 0x3000 -v Thank you in advance for your help and sorry my English.