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  1. Hello, I have a laptop MSI GX70. Installed High Sierra a few days ago. Configuration of my laptop is: AMD A10-5750M CPU with integrated iGPU AMD 8650G (0x990B1002) Discrete AMD 8970M graphics card (0x68011002) 8 gb RAM The big problem for me for now is to configure any of graphics card's my laptop has. What I tried already: For now I'm successfully booting using config.plist with injectATI. Seems to be both graphics adapters don't exist in system kexts. So, I modified AMD7000Controller.kext and changed there 0x68101002 (AMD Radeon R9 270X, AMD FirePro D300, AMD Radeon R9 M290X) to 0x68011002 and placed modified kext using Kext Utility. While booted into Clover, I used Deinit for iGPU and Inject ATI for 0x68011002. So, for now I have a line with AMD 8970M at about my Mac window, but picture quality is still poor so it seems to be all the same, it doesn't work. Then I tried to do same things for iGPU - AMD 8650G. Modified kext AMD4800Controller.kext. Changed 0x944A1002 (AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4850) to my 0x990B1002. Inject ATI for iGPU - x990B1002 and Deinit for discrete. Same situation, poor quality picture, but unknown card at about my Mac window, "Display 7MB"). Also compiled DSDT, tried to disable discrete card, but may be I was wrong here - still no results. I'm newbie. Is it possible to get discrete card working? And if not, integrated? Please, help. I really have no idea already. Thank you!
  2. Hello, dear community! Today I decided to try to install High Sierra using MacPwn. Seems to there is a problem with latest High Sierra. Install Option is not showing on Clover. I carefully followed actual guide on hackintosh dot computer for High Sierra. Situation is same as for unibeast for now. If need and it's not restricted as a proof I can post a lot of links. Absolutely same - all sucessfully done, but a surprise on clover. I will continue my attempts to install Mac OS X Still looking for a working way for my specs. My specs: MSI Gaming 3 (Intel Z97 chipset, Audio - Realtek ALC1150, Network - Killer E2205), i7-4770k (Haswell), 16gb (2x8Gb) Corsair DDR3, Gigabyte nVidia 1070, OCZ SSD 240gb.
  3. Seems to be the problem is in config.plist. I switched back to attempts to install Yosemite and start a new topic here:
  4. Hello, dear community! This is only my second post here. If I do something wrong - please, sorry! Since my PC is based on Haswell - i7-4770k, I switched back to my attempts to install Yosemite. As far as I understand, that Mac OS X version of that time can be more friendly for my CPU because of native kernel support. I already tried a lot of things, including Niresh's images. So, with Niresh High Sierra I have a problem with reboot - at first 1-3 seconds after pressing "Boot Mac OS X & Install" in Clover. Nothing helped and no any info at all even with -v -x. It also doesn't matter, whether I choose "Don't reboot on panic" or not - always reboot. But I was surprised that Niresh High Sierra has a lot of configs (config.plist). Reboot problem was with default config, config.plist, with some other configs I got black screen (if using -v). So, what I did with Niresh's Yosemite: At start, as with many other images, I got a black screen problem. Then I "copy-pasted" configs from Niresh High Sierra to my flash with Yosemite and I got a progress! But again I'm still before installation process)) Now I Have "root device UUID is xxxx-xxxx.xxxx..." My configuration: MSI Gaming 3 (Intel Z97 chipset, Audio - Realtek ALC1150, Network - Killer E2205), i7-4770k (Haswell), 16gb (2x8Gb) Corsair DDR3, Gigabyte nVidia 1070, clean OCZ SSD 240gb (just initialised in GPT, that's all) and a Samsung display connected to 1070 via HDMI. How to solve problem with root device? I understand that problem is somewhere in config.plist. Clover configurator is a little bit hard for me - I just don't know what to do, what to choose, regarding to my problem. Here is a screenshot, under spoiler. Thank you!
  5. Hello, Already spent a lot of time and still can't understand what's the problem. I tried many images of Hackintosh, different boot args (-v -x nv_disable=1, nvda_drv=1, cpus=1 KernelPM=True, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, kext-dev-mode=1 -f, etc.), and always have 2 problems. Whether I have black screen, even with -v (seems to be the problem was in aptiofixdrv) OR it stucks when trying to boot into Mac OS X Sierra installator already at first few seconds. For now this stuck is really big problem for me. My configuration: MSI Gaming 3 (Z97), i7-4770k (Haswell), 16gb DDR3, Gigabyte nVidia 1070, clean OCZ SSD 240gb (just initialised in GPT, that's all) and a display connected to 1070 via HDMI. I followed this guide: https://www.hackintosh.computer/868/hackintosh-sierra-zone-aka-niresh-sierra-guide/ I was surprised that Niresh images are something more universal than images at torrents but it also stucks at start :(( I attached a photo. Please, help! Is it possible to fix this? Thank you!