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  1. Hay there, My name is Nils, I am new here and it's nice to meet you all. My question is about the OS-Configuration. My desktop is a medion Akoya P2210D, it has a little strange architecture with the bios/eufi. The first option "OS Select" is easy, I have the choice between [win8] or [win7/other OS], so I choose the latter. By choosing that It gives 4 new settings/ choices: Boot Option Filter {EUFI and Legacy / Legacy only / UEFI only} Launch Storage OpROM policy {Do not launch/ UEFI only / Legacy only} Launch Video OpROM policy {Do not launch/ UEFI only / Legacy only} Other PCI device rom priority {UEFI OpROM / Legacy OpROM} Those choices are giving me a headache because every time I make a wrong choice it is a lot of work to undo it. The choices don't make much sense to me. Can someone give me some advice about this subject? Many thanks, Nils