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  1. Niresh, first of all, thank you for your help. I can't disable the NVIDIA GPU, even on the BIOS settings, there is no such option. I have even looked on the manufacturer help fórum, there is nothing in that regard. Is there a way to make these DSDT patches on your release? Could you make a guide or a video of it? I tried looking at some guides on, but it's too complicated for me (and also, I don't have a running version of MacOS on my computer).
  2. Info - success

    Managed to get the Chameleon bootloader working, but it also crashes in the middle of the boot. I get the following screen. Tried several flags (GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes nv-disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1, to no avail.
  3. Info - success

    @Niresh Do I have to make any BIOS setup in order to boot from Chameleon from the USB drive? I enabled legacy mode on my UEFI settings, but when I try to boot from the USB, I only get a black screen. Also, do I have to install another bootloader into an USB drive or the file you provided already has them both?
  4. Exactly the same problem here. My system: Dell Inspiron 7460 Intel Core i7 7500U (Kaby Lake-U/Y) Motherboard Dell 09WC1G 16GB DDR4 RAM Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620 NVIDIA GeForce 940MX HDD Seagate Mobile ST1000LM035 1TB 2.5" SATA HDD - Windows 10 WD Green SATA M.2 120GB WDS120G1G0B - MacOS