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  1. Hey I know this topic is everywhere but most replies seem to be for people who know a bit about doing this . So let me start with i am a Newbie as in the only apple product i have ever touched is my iphone. But i have just brought a second hand Macbook but before it gets delivered i thought i would install Sierra on my Asus F555ln laptop and get a feel for it . El capitan ran ok but sierra is getting stuck at the waiting for root screen. i have read about patching etc and none of it help because im a noob. I want to know while im still running windows can i change the drivers for the usb 3.0 hot swapping the usb doesnt work. Adding the USBBusFix=Yes doesnt work. Hoping i can get some answers but simplified to get this running .. and before anyway says check other forums etc .. i have spend the last 3 weeks trying to get this to run ... so some simple help would be good Thanks