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  1. Sorry for triple post. I tried to update to 10.13.3, because I wanted to check if it will help. After update usb mouse&keyboard doesn't work. -f boot flag won't work. I tried to do everything and nothing worked. Any idea?
  2. Booting solved. But still I have other problems. I noticed that when I use nv_disable=1, I have no problem with cursor and shutdown/reboot. So it's something about Nvidia driver. Any idea what should I do?
  3. I haven't tried chameleon. My graphics works very well - all of features are working. I will try Chameleon tomorrow
  4. Hello, I succesfuld installer High Sierra from Hackintosh Zone on my PC. All components works. USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Wi-fi (TP-Link), Audio. But I have a problem with mouse cursor. For example: after I resize the window cursor won't change back to normal pointer. It happens with every type of cursors (hand, resize etc). It happens on clean installation. No Adobe soft (I read something about Adobe soft, that could do that). Do you have any idea what should I do? Second problem, that I have: I can't shutdown/sleep/log-out properly. When I'm trying to do that things, OS become frozen. I just see gray screen with cursor, but I can't even move that cursor. I must do hard-reset when it is happening. Third problem: I can't boot without USB. I chose Clover EFI (because I have non-UEFI motherboard. Tried Clover UEFI, but it didn't work properly. Graphics won't work). Any idea what can I do? It's no big problem for me, but I want to do that as it should be. Thanks!