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  1. It won't start up always the same error from before. I read somewhere that it can be fixed disabling the AMD gpu via a DSDT patch? How to do it? What is it?
  2. I tried with the one HD4000-4400 it won't start. I am sorry I think it can't start on this Acer. Do you have any ideas?
  3. I should try them and rename the downloaded ones to config.plist as usual? And one thing I don't understand, if I set in legacy hackintosh installer will start (it arrives at clover bootmenu) if I set UEFI it doesn't let me choose high sierra installer. I think my PC is not hackintosh friendly in two other PCs it does let you start even the installation.
  4. I changed the config.plist but still I don't reach the installation menu. It freezes at Apple screen at 60% of progress. In chameleon way (the cmd like) it still says "host-level exception" trying to change values but don't go furthermore. What I can do?
  5. Thank you, I tried and it arrive at the black screen with white apple in the middle of it, goes loading until the white "weel" of loading arrives (at more then 50% progress bar) then it stuck here, not loading anymore Should look at debug?
  6. Thank you again but first: there are many config.plist like boot, origin etc should they be saved or can be deleted? and, still goes stuck when saying: "host-level exception pdi etc", seems not fixed yet.
  7. Thank you But I can't do that from BIOS setting because there isn't the option to do so. I should do that in other ways.
  8. Hi to all. I have this laptop/notebook as you wish to call it: Acer V5-561G as in title: these are the specs: Cpu: intel i5-4200u (should be good) GPU: one integrated HD4400 and the other AMD R7-M265 if other info are needed tell me: that the problem: I prepare the USB with .dmg image of High Sierra Zone and then start it with F12 from the Bios that is UEFI or Legacy at choice. Then I start the hackintosh drive to install and it says: can't start window server sometimes like that and stuck at host-level exception pid= a number and says that for ever. Don't go further. What can I do? I should try install Sierra Zone instead? Or the AMD version of the newly released High Sierra? Thanks you