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  1. [Updated] [Guide]Creating A Usb Installer On Windows

    When i boot normal and use only -v i pass all tests i see but it find some "boot cache control unable to open" and the go to apple logo and stuck. I try almost all boot flags but then find other problems.
  2. Can I Have Some Help?

    Hi! Good job for success, now can you give a help to us so we make it work . I try everything a week now
  3. [Updated] [Guide]Creating A Usb Installer On Windows

    Hi! I want 1st to say good job and i appreciate all the work you do for us. Now can you tell me why don`t work I have this and maybe i need a change to my bios that i don`t make I5 4670 3.4gh Gigabyte z87m-d3h 8gb ram I do exactly what you say but at clover don`t load and when i boot with 2 key only see windows/ntfs. At bios i disabled all turbo/extra function it have, Yes sata is in achi and i have try uefi/legacy and only legacy.