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  1. Mavericks install complete,can't reboot.

    Ok,but I don't have the DMG.So I have to proceed with DVD.But how to fix that EBIOS Read error?After 4 messaged it boots into the options where I chose which drive needs to be booted(for me hackintosh drive) and give a kernel panic. Like to say you that,I found all the options to be set but not the AHCI one.Having Award Bios. Please help.
  2. Mavericks install complete,can't reboot.

    I burned the Niresh's Mavericks ISO into 16GB Sony pendrive with Win32Disk Imager.But the PC couldn't take the USB.It's telling that "Operating System missing".What to do?
  3. Mavericks install complete,can't reboot.

    My specs are: Motherboard:GA-G41M-Combo. Processor:Intel Dual-Core E5500 2.8Ghz. RAM:Zion 4GB 1333Mhz.(Single stick) HDD:WD 500GB Monitor:LG Flatron W1643C Keyboard and Mouse:USB Zebronics (No Graphics Cards)
  4. Burned the Niresh's Mavericks 10.9 ISO on a disk. Booted it into my Intel PC with Gigabyte Mobo. Was getting EBIOS read error: Error 0x01. It continued for four times and the booting started. Installed completely. Re-starts. Getting:Operating system missing. Please help.