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  1. Please Help, Kernel Panic, Instalation wont start

    Try using the bootflags: hp amd64 -v -x IGPEnabler=No GraphicsEnabler=No
  2. Just use the -v flag and post the screenshot here
  3. how to install mac on compaq c85tu ?

    could you post the specs your laptop here? I may be able to help you!
  4. Maximus IV Gene Z with Asus gtx 680 DC CU II 4gb

    would love to see your bechmark scores mate!
  5. [Working] Gigabyte H87N-WIFI, Intel Core i5 4670k

    Which wifi chipset do you have?
  6. Asus K53SV AsusBookPro

    Hey is your wifi working? I happen to have a same chipest but mine's not working!
  7. [Working] Gigabyte H87N-WIFI, Intel Core i5 4670k

    Which wifi chipset do you have?
  8. Hey here are the details of my build. I have a Lenovo Z500 Laptop. The config are as follows: Intel i5-3230M 2.59GHz processor Intel HD4000+nVidia GT635M 6GB DDR3 1TB HDD Atheros 9285 Wifi + Bluetooth I had a lot of problems with the Mavericks App Store + Unibeast installation method. Also with the Niresh Mountain Lion version. Due to the crappy EFI Loader of my laptop. After a lot of work and experimentation I finally managed to get the setup working flawlessly. What doesn't work: Wifi - The notorious Atheros 9285! I tried almost 10+ different kexts but nothing works! - Using Asus N10 USB adapter now Trackpad - it worked in the setup but stopped once it rebooted and booted from the drive (dunno y) but i really dont mind coz i always use USB mouse. nvidia graphics card - its a known problem with gt635m. But Intel HD4000 works pretty fine, being the native grpahics processor. Heres what I did: Bios Settings: Intel Virtual Technology: Enabled Graphic Device: UMA Graphic 1. Installed Niresh Mavericks from my USB wind Win32DiskUtility 2. While installation, Using the customize option, Just selected 'Enable Battery Percentage' leaving the rest settings to its default. 3. After installation, when I rebooted, I was getting the boot0 error. I installed chameleon bootloader and solved the issue. 4. As for the graphics, I was getting 64MB only. So I installed the kext (AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext and AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext) using the KextUtility. And without restarting, in the Chameleon Wizard, enebled the following options with values: a. GraphicsEnabler b. Intel Capri FB = 3 c. Inject Intel ig = 3 5. Voila! After restart I had 1024MB of graphics! 6. I changed the SMBios to MacBookPro 9,2 as its the closest to my system! Edit: I forgot to mention I needed to enable USBLegacy=Yes to use USB 2.0 Ports My GeekBench Score (64-Bit): Single Core: 2420 Multi-Core: 5123 Cheers!
  9. apple logo stuck in loading :(

    try using amd -v -x