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  1. Computer re-boot

    My Spec : Asus b75m-plus i3-3220 tak ma B75 Radeon hd 7770 oc ALC 887 Realtek® 8111G Partition : 1.Windows 2.Dane Windows 3. Mac Os
  2. Computer re-boot

    once everything worked. But the Audio was noise. So I wanted to fix it. I ruined System. proof
  3. Computer re-boot

  4. Computer re-boot

    Hi I installed OS X all right resets the computer and doing a local account to configure a computer and suddenly resets immediately after creating your account.I can record a video and show you what is happening. I use Clover chameleon because no crashes ERROR
  5. The bootloader is not installed

    ok its work. I installed default boot loader
  6. The bootloader is not installed

    Hi I have a problem when installing niresh 10.9 does not install my boot loader. He needs to have multibooot. Thank you My PC : Cpu :i3-3220 (working) Gpu :Radeon HD 7770 (working) Motherbroad : Asus-b75m-plus: (working) Audio :ALC 887 (don`t working) Lan:RTL 881G (Working)