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  1. Can't Boot USB Mavericks Installer

    I got it working, downloaded the .dmg instead, maybe the .iso I downloaded got corrupted. But it's working now. How do I delete this post?
  2. Hello, i downloaded the Niresh's Mavericks Installer, i choose the .iso available on, i thought i would choose the .iso so i could work with it on Windows, and not have to worry about converting it from DMG, or anything else. I used Mac to create the USB Installer to begin with, i used the guide on this site, couldn't get the USB flash drive to boot though, i would choose my USB flash drive, it would start to load it i think, then it would just go to the start windows normally screen. I cannot get it to boot the USB for my life, next i tried using the windows program, Win32 Disk Imager, got everything loaded on the usb flash drive, doesn't boot, does exactly as before where itll just load windows. I cannot figure it out, i tried to boot using the USB on two different computers, i tired using both windows and mac to create the usb installer, the only thing i can think of is that i am using the .ISO and not the .DMG, does that make a difference, i know with Lion and Snow leopard when i would have a boot loader problem, it was as simple as installing Chameleon bootloader, but it wont let me do that since it has no free space on the flash drive(its actually only taking up the space the Mavericks DVD needs, the other space on the flash drive is unused space that i have no access too. Cause i know i have a big enough flash drive its 16GB) Oh and the other thing i noticed, is when i am putting the Mavericks installer on the usb, it changes it from GUID, or MBR, to Apple Partitioning Disk or something. Is that what is causing it to not boot?