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  1. I got it working (sorta). You need to download the PKG and the DMG torrent. Put them in the same folder on your USB and the install will work. WARNING: it will wipe your USB. Problem I'm having now is I can't get it do boot without having my USB drive hooked to the laptop.
  2. OK, so you zipped up a torrent file why?
  3. Won't that wipe your drive? OK, maybe I'm doing something seriously stupid. I extract the Restore High Sierra PKG from the zip file. There is no DMG. I try to install the PKG onto a USB drive and I get the error message. I am not about to install the PKG on my desktop WTF???
  4. Won't that wipe your drive?
  5. What worked for you? running the pkg on your main rig?
  6. When I unzip Restore High Sierra I just get the .pkg. I'm not about to install the pkg on my main HD unless I know what it's going to do.
  7. Dunno about El Capitan, I'm on High Sierra 10.13.3 Beta 5
  8. I launch the pkg I change the Install location to the USB drive I click "Install" I enter the password for my Mac Pkg says "Configuring Installation" then jumps to "The Installation Failed" Wassup with that?