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  1. Hi, I downloaded niresh mavericks and wanted to start it as VM with vmware. While i had no rpoblem with the 10.8.5 distro i cannot boot with this last one. Here 2 images to explain what happens: here look for EFI bootloader than asks where to boot In the same machine i installed already the 10.8.5 distro ... Any help would be greatly appreciated Enumaelis
  2. I I'm trying to install on my laptop niresh maverick 10.9.0 under vmware and while installing all goes ok and mouse works well.. After rebooting though my mouse looks crazy and goes anywhere on the desktop wihtout possibility to control it. In vortualbox no possibility to isntall declaring a problem with bluetooth but i guess is a virtulbox issue. I am using Asus N70JV CORE I7 4700HQ with NVIDA GeForce GT750M and i run archlinux 64 bit. I also revised the personalization of the installationn but no chance. Thank you for your answer. enumaelisCancel