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  1. Hello! I've just installed the niresh Mavericks 10.9 and updated to 10.9.4. After the update I get very slow performance, I cannot pass the login screen because it takes even about 5 seconds to write a character into the password field. I've tested the system in vmware, and it worked perfectly, without any problem before. Kernel used for 10.9.4: Kexts used for 10.9.4: These worked perfectly in vmware. My PC's Specs: Asus M5A97 Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz AMD FX-6200 @ 4.2GHz MSI N770 OC EDITION I think the problem is with the graphics card but I am not sure. Can anyone help me?
  2. 10.9.0 GTX 770 Web Drivers

    Hello! Does anyone have a link to a version of Nvidia Web Drivers for GTX 770, which is compatible with 10.9.0?
  3. Problem after update to 10.9.3

    Try to repair permissions with the Niresh Installer Disk/USB, using Disk Utility
  4. Very Slow Performance After Update

    Hello! I've just installed niresh mavericks to my AMD PC and updated to 10.9.4. I found working kernel and kexts so there isn't any problems at booting. However after updating to 10.9.4, I got a very slow performance. Even typing the password on the login screen is pain. I think the problem is with graphics kexts, but I didn't found any working solution. Can somebody help me to solve this problem? My Specs: Asus M5A97 AMD FX-6200 @ 4.2GHz 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 @ 1600MHz MSI N770 2GB OC Edition Thanks.
  5. GTX 770 problem

    Ok, I solved the problem. The whole thing behind this was that I checked the GraphicsEnabler=Yes at installation. As a result, I get a white screen at the system startup. For solving this, I found some commands that fixed it, basically the grafix backup all command removed and backuped all the graphics drivers. After that the system started at VESA mode, which caused the slow graphics performance. Now I changed the GraphicsEnabler=Yes bootflag to GraphicsEnabler=No, and everything (except the HDMI Audio, but I'll solve it) works fine. Thanks for the help!
  6. GTX 770 problem

    I've only found kexts for intel videocards. I'll post a picture when I get home. I have nvidia geforce GTX 770 2GB.
  7. GTX 770 problem

    I've successfully installed Niresh Mavericks distribution to my AMD PC. The only problem with it that there is a problem with the videocard (MSI N770 2GB), I think I don't have a kext or a driver for it. The problem is that the system has a really slow graphics performance, Safari loads any page very slowly and the windows are flickering. Do somebody knows how to solve this?