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  1. Problems with keyboard...

    thank you! i think that i need AppleACPINub.kext too, can you upload that?
  2. Problems with keyboard...

    I tried, but it gives me error with kexts (i've selected "FN Keyboard ASUS). I need exactly the kexts included in the 10.9 Niresh release
  3. Problems with keyboard...

    someone can upload for me the kext/s for keyboard and trackpad contained in Niresh 10.9 ? Because I accidently delete them although they works like a charm (for my hp)!
  4. infinite installation!

    Hi. First of all, sorry for my english! (i'm italian). These days I'm trying to install niresh 10.9 (USB version) on my HP laptop (core i3 2375m | intel hd3000). I can easily boot with the "hp -v" flags only. After that, I erase my partition (created ad-hoc for hackintosh installations, a year ago at least) then I go ahead, and after the customization, I begin the very installation. The problem occours during this process: the installation seems to proceed very slowly and when it reaches 17 minutes of ETA, the estimated time comes back to 21 and goes on in this way like a loop. After 2 hours of waiting, it's the same, the installation is stuck in this state (I can move the mouse and the install process "seems" to proceed). Moreover, i can't retrieve the installation log 'cause it doesn't show. Help me, please ( PS: I've already installed osx on this pc (iatkos and niresh both) in the past! (I don't know if this info can help!)