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  1. After updating to 10.9.2, during boot it freezes at this error: USBF : AppleUSBOHCI:: CheckSleepCompatibility - controller will be unloaded across sleep I have tried replacing IOUSBFamily.kext, AppleMatch.kext, System.kext, Sandbox.kext. I am running the latest AMD kernel created by Andy V. Thank you for any help.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I implemented both of your solutions, using an OSX compatible external sound card, and the boot flag but I still have the messy audio playback. The issue is prominent in all playback related software, iTunes, Quicktime, Safari, etc... Any other ideas?
  3. I'm running Mavericks on an AMD system, everything works marvellously with the exception of the audio. I tried both the internal and an external sound card and the problem persists. The trouble is exactly like another user posted here: However, the solution he proposed did not work. Thank you for any help.
  4. You can only use 1 monitor at a time and this problem will go away. Not sure how to activate 2. I think if you use 2 they must both use the same method of output. (You cannot output one HDMI and the other DVI)