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  1. About to install mavericks Help Needed

    thank you devonic for replying i finally installed mavericks and boy its awesome everything is working but one little problem my system boots normally in 30 seconds but shut down takes more than two minutes please tell me if im missing some thing and please tell me about the graphic card should i go for gt610 or gt 620
  2. hey there im a neiwbie in hackintosh scene but im reading a lot of stuff and getting confused, im about to install mavericks my system specs are as followed motherboard : intel DG41WV processor : E5500 dual core 2.8 ram : 4 Gb DDR3 wireless adapter : tenda w311p hardrive : 250 gb graphic card integrated thats G41 chipset ( i know its not supported ) but please tell me a cheap alternative im thinking of buying asus geforce 610 1 GB link to that card now i have few question 1) write now im on windows do i need to be on snowleapord or mountain loin to start installation 2) do i need to update my bios ? 3) what should i write in graphic enabler as my card is not supported at the moment ? 4) what kexts and dsdt are mandatory ? 5) and lastly will i be able to install windows back if im not able to boot OSX ? thanks