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  1. My Mac system does not work you can not turn it on (do not know why) he download link from your "Clover_v2k_r2652.pkg" but this is the mac as I try to turn on OS X using Clever (USB stick) I'm doing this account. It says I configure mac and jams (kernel panic)
  2. Devonic but I do not have many options .. I choose to adjust the mac and so the bootloader tab is changing with chameleon on cloveer. How can you please write how to fix my problem step by step. My English is tragic
  3. Hi, I have a problem where the installed Niresh and using (ivy) when I tried to select INSTALLATION All bootloaders (Clever Efi, UEFI standard) and I always end up message boot0: error. So I used Clover stick in the beginning everything was ok but how did account wystkoczyły some subtitles and the system is jammed. I tried to turn on again, thinking that it was a one-off, this time stuck even faster and there were no subtitles. Help I have no idea what to do. my brother has an identical desktop computer only has 8 gb ram instead of 4 and in his works everything: ( Core i3 3220 hd 7770 asus b75m-plus 1tb hdd Windows 8.1 install