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  1. Hello guys I have a problem with, installation of yosemite start by saying that my computer and I have an AMD created the installer on usb how to tutorial, I selected the kernel and chameleon 2 as the version of the installer to restart the PC by USB and gives me the error message that you see from picture, I have to use other flags? If so, which? My requirements are AMD Phenom X4 9850 BE 8GB RAM 1tb HD GeForce GTX 750 Scheme GIGABYTE MA790X-DS4 How to solve the problem?
  2. getcpuidinfo unknown cpu family

    add more information to better explain my problem, I started to have this problem when I installed the nvidia GTX 750 video card, before I had a 7770 and had no problems but the computer was started on a regular basis, now with the nvidia card the computer is locked, does not restart and will not start mavericks
  3. Hi I'm stuck with this problem for a few days you can see from the attached image I installed mavericks without problems, but the system will not boot stops at the screen that you can see from picture, I tried with all the flags-x-v-f GraphicsEnabler = No, but the question remains, what can I do? my hardware AMD Phenom X4 9850BE Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 8G Gb ram HD 1Tb Palit Geforce GTX 750 help me to solve the problem, thanks