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  1. Unable to get to installation

    Well, I crossed my fingers and I prayed to the Lord, and it turns out, I needed cpus=0. It was my CPU after all, haha. Thanks anyway!
  2. Unable to get to installation

    Hello everybody. So I really want to get a Hackintosh going, but I'm having some trouble. My specs: i5-3570K @ Stock 3.4Ghz, quad core Nvidia 650 Ti Boost from EVGA 8Gb DDR3 Ram 250Gb HDD ECS motherboard, I can find the model if needed So I did everything the macbreaker guide told me to do, but no matter what boot flags I try, it just restarts when it should go to the installer. I tried it on my laptop, with the same Niresh flash drive and it booted right up with no boot flags. I can only assume it's my graphics card causing trouble, however people have mentioned that the MSI version works just fine. Please help! Thanks! PS: My laptop has a 2.2Ghz i7, and Nividia 540M, 8Gb Ram
  3. MSI GTX 650Ti BOOST OC Works OOB

    Could you spare some tips? I have the GTX 650 Ti Boost from EVGA, I can't imagine it being much different, and I can't seem to get to the install. Did you use any boot flags?