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  1. Hi Everyone, First I'll post my PC's specs and then go into how I was able to get 10.9.2 to boot after I updated from Niresh's 10.9.0. PC Specs: AMD FX-6200 3.8 GHz 6 core cpu Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Motherboard 8GB Kingston HyperX 1600 MHz memory EVGA GeForce GTX 260 700W OCZ ModXstream Pro PSU So I am currently just using a couple of old SATA 2 80GB WD hard drives. One was for my initial installation, the other is being used as a clone and the drive I do all of my testing on. So the first thing I did was make the installer and boot from it. On initial boot, I only needed to use one boot flag which was "amdfx" (without quotes of course) and I used the optional but very helpful "-v" (verbose) flag to make sure there were no errors. After setting up my drive I went to "customize" but didn't change much at all. I enabled all but the ACPI sensor under the FameSMC plugins section. (HWMonitor shows all of my temps) I enabled USBBusFix=Yes, UHCIreset=Yes and EHCIacquire=Yes. The installer already used npci=0x2000 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes so I had nothing to add there for my graphics card. After the mavericks installed, it rebooted and went right into my desktop with full qe/ci enabled. So now I cloned the drive, downloaded the 10.9.1 update from apple and the 10.9.2 combo update. I updated the clone to 10.9.1 and booted from it to make sure it would run alright. It did, so I booted back into the main drive and installed the 10.9.2 combo update onto the clone. (going to 10.9.1 first may be an uneeded step for your system, so if you want to go straight to 10.9.2, try it out!) This is where the clone stops booting properly no matter what I do. I would get panics or other odd errors, everytime I booted. I downloaded the fix from this post, but unfortunately it did not work for my setup, so I continued my search for a fix and found a kernel that worked perfectly! I hope I am allowed to post links to external sites here, because everyone struggling with getting 10.9.2 to boot properly with and AMD CPU needs to try this one out! The instructions say to copy System.kext, AppleMatch.kext & Sandbox.kext from 10.9.0 to System/Library/Extensions on your 10.9.2 drive and then repair permissions and restart your System This file also has a support.kext file included, but I did not use this one. I used the one from my 10.9.0 drive which worked fine. I used kext wizard to install the kexts, backup the 10.9.2 kexts and then after I backed up the current mach_kernel and copied over this modded kernel, repaired permissions and rebuilt the cache. After all of that, I rebooted the clone and waited with my breath held like I was updating the BIOS on a motherboard! (If you've ever had a motherboard BIOS update go sideways, you will understand!) I am happy to say that I am writing this reply in 10.9.2 on my AMD FX-6200 based PC! I hope this will help everyone else out there that are struggling with this update!