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  1. Nvidia GT430 HDMI only 1080i, no sound

    One last question, how would I use the kext files inlcluded in this post ( ?
  2. Nvidia GT430 HDMI only 1080i, no sound

    @Mention Thanks again man, that is exactly what I was referring to. One last question, 1080p.. is it possible for the GT430? I know the MacBook Pro's came with a GT 430 M which I know is different, but I previously owned a MBP and definately had 1080p as an option. Many thanks, -Patrick
  3. Nvidia GT430 HDMI only 1080i, no sound

    @Devonic, Thank you very much for the timely response, I have not tried; couldn't imagine it would hurt. Is there a way I can do this without re-installing? I see a lot of posts about a dashboard of some sort that can control the boot loader, I have yet to find it as it is not present in my preferences. --Patrick
  4. OK, where to start... Well I am extremely appreciative for the Niresh team coming together and making a simple solution to installing OS X on my new "hackintosh" computer. I was pleased that everything is working, aside from a few loose ends. So, I have an HP computer (a6542p) Pavilion model with an Nvidia GT 430 graphics card. Strangely when booting the computer I am in 1080p, even when the Mac symbol comes up. As soon as I am loaded up to the login screen it is scaled down to 1080i (I know I am basically nitpicking), when I play movies in 1080p format it really shows. I know its not a big deal but it would be nice to understand how to load the drivers for my graphics card (strangely enough, I think it is supported by Macs; I could be wrong though) I would also like to understand how to get sound from the graphics card as Windows could (I know they have actual drivers to help from the manufacturer) . I had a MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt package, I was able to plug in an HDMI adapter to it where I got sound from the TV and 1080p, so I would think it could be possible. I may be wrong because they are two very different ways of connecting. Any help on this topic is a step forward for me because I have previously downloaded the CUDA drivers for Mac and the kext package for the GT 430 with no success. Other than that guys, this thing worked like a charm right out of the box. Currently I am dual booting with Windows 8.1; but since I installed OS X I have not logged in to Windows (so boring). Regards, Patrick