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  1. Restart Loop on Mavericks

    I just saw that you wrote that we have the same laptop. How mavericks is working for you? Did you managed to make your network work?
  2. Restart Loop on Mavericks

    It's working but after installation and everything I cannot make my network adapter working. No ethernet and no Wireless. Thank you for the solution for booting up
  3. Partitioning bug

    Seriously nobody has this problem??? after a 2-3 months i managed to boot up niresh and now i have this bug. I'm afraid to format all my hard drive because I have windows 8 on it. Maybe if I format the entire hrad drive I will got this bug again and I will have all my hard erased or corrupted
  4. Partitioning bug

    So I managed to solve the "instant reboot" issue but now when I try to format a partition to extended journaling it starts erasing and then an error comes up saying something like "you don't have enough space to perform this action". I have 200GB partiton created. Some ideas to fix it?
  5. I have a Lenovo Z510 and I can't boot niresh. I managed to boot it from usb with chameleon bootloader DVD and I installed it but after that the same problem come is in. I can't boot it it restarts itself and the chameleon bootloader dvd doesn't at this point. I can just boot the instalation USB/DVD. I can't boot the OS from HDD. No bootflags are working and the bios are set to the right options. Specs: Lenovo Z510 Intel Core i7 4th gen 2.2GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM nVidia GT740 2GB 1TB HDD
  6. Restart Loop on Mavericks

    Hello. I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z510 and I can't boot up the instalation disk. I restored the image on 16GB Kingston Rubber 3.0 USB Stick. When I boot it up I see the apple logo for 1 second and then it restarts itself. I tried a lot of boot command combinations and nothing seems to work. I burned Chameleon Bootloader on a CD and I can't boot it either. On my older desktop (Core 2 Duo, ASUS P5G41C-M LX, 4GB DDR3 RAM and integrated graphics) it boots itself but I can't set the Display Resolution higher than 1024x768 but that doesn't matter that much. I wan't to boot NIRESH on my laptop. If someone has an idea please share it with me. Remember no boot flags (commands) worked for me.