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  1. Stuck on Apple Logo Before Installation

    Before installation. from the boot menu I choose the Pen drive and then I get to the white screen.
  2. Stuck on Apple Logo Before Installation

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I hope to find some help with the installation: After I booted from the pen drive I got stuck on the white screen with the apple logo. There is no wheel spinning or any indication that something is happening. I left it like this for about 30 minutes but nothing changed. I tried multiple times but I got the same result. I'm following the guide from the main page. Here are my PC specs" CPU: intel i7 4820K MoBo: MSI X79-GD45 RAM: 16GB (2x8) Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHz GPU: Asus GTX 760 2GB let me know if I have missed anything. Thanks in advance...