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  1. Hello, I installed Niresh Mavericks and managed to install normally, but I can only make the boot with the flag GraphicsEnabler=No. Has some way to automate this process and I do not have to type it every time I start my computer? My Specs: HDD: 1TB SAMSUNG HD103SJ CPU: Intel Pentium E5700 Graphics: XFX HD 6670 1GB GDDR5 Mainboard: ASUS P5G41T-M LX2/BR Memory: 4GB (1x4GB 800MHz Qbex) And I use 2 monitors, but one is HDMI and the other is VGA. The HDMI resolution works normally, but can not in the standard VGA resolution of it, which is 1600x900. Can anyone help me please
  2. Succesfully installed Mavericks on my PC. HDD: 1TB SAMSUNG HD103SJ CPU: Intel Pentium E5700 Graphics: XFX HD 6670 GDDR5 1GB Mainboard: ASUS P5G41T-M LX2/BR Memory: 4GB (1x4GB Qbex 800MhZ) I installed it perfectly using only the flag GraphicsEnabler = No. The system is running smoothly without crashes.
  3. I created a local ID at the first boot screen. And as well go with the apple id after reboot -------- Edit: Well, as I could not solve my problem in 10.8.5, I decided install the Mavericks. Thanks for the help Amon!
  4. Yes, it's all right! Niresh even reinstalled to see if solved but not solved. What I did was normal at the time of the "Welcome to Mac" I logged in Apple ID, created the User. Then I can log in with the User password normally, but in time to authenticate something does not work. And the root/niresh don't work. Sorry for the bad English, i'm brazilian.
  5. I created an account and try to authenticate with her but not working. And thanks for the GraphicsEnabler script!
  6. Hello, I am new in this world of Hackintosh. I installed 10.8.5 Niresh and when I install some software, asks me the password and User administrator, someone could tell me what is My Specs: - Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 - XFX HD 6670 - 4GB Ram 800MhZ And I can only enter the mac with CD niresh and typing GraphicsEnabler = No