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  1. Broadcom Wireless 4313 Can't enable

  2. Hi! my hackintosh restarts every time i try to connect to the internet safari, clover configurator downloader via ethernet lan cable. i can't seem to find what the issue is. has anyone gone through this problem? am i missing something likes kexts etc. i have a bcm4313 wifi cardbus and i can't enable that either. will be waiting for answers! =)) Thanks!!
  3. Has anyone been able to enable this Wireless card? i can't seem to find a fix for this and i really want to be able to use the wifi on my hackintosh mavericks. Adapter Details : Device : BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Controller Vendor : Broadcom Corporation Dev ID : 4727 Ven ID : 14e4 i was wondering if anyone was able to inject via clover or used any kext to enable this device... Any info would help =))
  4. Incorrect Resolution

    I booted from Clover EFI usb and activated "Inject ATI, EDID, VBIOS" in the graphics option worked great! I guess i have to re install Mavericks again since i've installed chameleon on the setup i've made earlier, unless you can refer me to another loophole/procedure to installing clover as the main bootloader for hackintosh Thanks for the help!!
  5. Incorrect Resolution

    When i install clover as a boot loader, do i need to a fresh since i've already installed chameleon? or do i just install it directly? Thanks for the reply btw! PS: this is the screen(Attached jpg) that i'm getting right now at 1366x768 via switchres the external monitor vga attached is working properly, but the internal display is as mentioned
  6. Incorrect Resolution

    Laptop : Dell 15r Inspiron Screen : 15.6 (16.9 Aspect Ratio) Maximum Resolution 1366x768 Processor : i5 2.38ghz Ram : 4gb HD : WD 500GB Wireless : Broadcom 43xx Ethernet : Realtek Chipset : HM57 Intel Audio : IDT / AMD Graphic Card : ATI Mobility 5470 1GB I've attached a system specs result for in-depth details and assessment. I hope this helps eagerly waiting for your reply...
  7. Incorrect Resolution

    Hi everyone, i've spent the last week trying to figure out how to get the correct resolution which is "1366x768" for my graphics. my card seems to be compatible with the pre-installation kext and i can't seem to figure out what the problem is. i have tried to change it in the display with the option button, but my resolution still won't show in the selection. i have tried the chameleon.plist string but it still doesn't correct the problem. should i downgrade to Mountain Lion or Lion? would that fix my problems? any advice or solution would really be appreciated! Thanks!