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  1. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    I've redownloaded the DMG and I've fixed the issue. Now my problems are that I can't reboot, shutdown or sleep.
  2. Install Lock-Up - Bluetooth Issue?

    This is my -v log: AHCI Enabled: IDE Enabled: Tried to boot up with amdfx kernel. I should try with cpus=1 -x gives me a kernel panic. PD: I'm having the problem in a 10.8.5 machine. I don't know if this matters. PD2: I tried with cpus=1, same thing.
  3. Error Booting

    Hi, everybody! I bought a new PC, and I am having some troubles for booting the instaler from an USB. I followed the tutorial for booting from an USB (Datatraveler 100G2, 8GB). Link: I tried booting with BIOS configured in AHCI and in IDE mode, but neither of them work. As far as I know, the problems are related with the graphics card. I boot in verbose mode and I choose the amdfx kernel. I downloaded the 10.8.5 ISO today, when it was updated by Niresh. Here you have some photos of my problem: AHCI: IDE: PD: I can't start in safe mode (-x), it gives me a kernel panic. Thanks in advance, Caboa.