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  1. NIRESH Restart screen installer

    thanks for the answer... yes.. I will do it... when i have the video ready i will put it here .. thanks
  2. NIRESH Restart screen installer

    Hiiii.... yes... i try with that commands... -v -x but the problem persist.. show very quickly the screen with apple sooo fast!!! and then go back to the niresh menu ah.. i follow the GUIDe from niresh ... thnx for your request..
  3. Hi i'm gabriel... recently i since long time trying install the niresh but when the logo screen apple appear, this disappears very quickly and restart the menu screen of niresh. I don't know how I must make it .. please help me. my pc: INTEL Corei i3 sandy bridge GeFORCE 9600 GT 430 RAM 16 Gb Disk for Niresh : 1 Tb i wait for your help.. thnxs PD: sorry for my english, i'm argentine and i try to make clear my problem